A sensory treat from the moment I put on the blindfold to the gentle hug at the end. I loved the whispered suggestions of what to visualise thought to warmed objects being placed on my palms. To be transported in this way in the middle of a party was surreal, delicious and highly memorable. The shot of exotic tasting alcohol, taking a sugar pill and smelling scents sprayed above me were all mini treats that sent me into a zone of delight! I emerged feeling transformed and calm. Everyone is talking about it still!

Annabel Dunstan

Let Me Go

I love immersive experiences like yours, and wanted to dive in. Might be an unusual response – unhelpful even? Don’t know, A trusting nature – mind you, if there’d been anything shake about how you set it up, I might have been more wary.

The dark, the wind, and thoughts of America (of Keleigh) had me in tornado alley, perhaps stood within a tornado, looking up through the eye – that was over-riding. In retrospect, knowing the poem, I might have thought of a storm in the night, in the cold of a cemetery, but at the time it was a carrying-all-away tempest, in which I was as safe I I needed to be.

I only remember passing touches – I’d have probably wanted to interact with them if they’d been firmer, more lasting – I’ve danced contact impro, perhaps something like that. I’d like to have explored that more.

The removal of the blind-fold was a shock, as was the face – I realised I was in a different place to what I had imagined – I didn’t rationalise it till after, a ghostly face, ghoulish perhaps, hurting, hungry – it was compassion I felt mostly, pity perhaps, I wanted to help her be better – a pagan, the unseen spirits are close to everyday for me, I’d not run from such an encounter, though still filled with awe and respect…

I was pleased to be the only one there in the end – that allowed me to have an experience unencumbered by care of others. Again, I wanted to merge more deeply into the trance it – become lost within it.
I was surprised to be given a message, my attention so wrapt upon her, I don’t think I thought of anything for myself. ‘Let it go….’

As so much of this message and my thought seemed to be focused on the other, not myself, I wonder if that refers to the immediate empathy, need to show others I’m ready to see, to hear them. Or maybe something else, maybe allow some self care, or to allow some love from outside…

Anyway – I love the care and responsibility you showed to us – considering the fears and concerns some will have – and looking after people. I hope you get more, many more, positive responses, and I’d love to be involved in future projects as a participant, or even a colleague.

Math Jones


It was amazing. A multi-sensory experience where everything was thought of. It was very cool.

When I was blindfolded I trusted the performers immediately. It was enlightening, gentle, calm and relaxing. Transcendent. This is how I want to depart.

It was peaceful and really really enticing. The child was beautiful. The child said “Come.” and I went to follow but people held me down so I couldn’t. It was like that child was me.

It was pretty amazing. It’s something I’ve never experienced before or even thought about.

I’m speechless for a change. It was a little bit bizarre, interesting, a bit creepy, but it was kind of fun too. And well done. I’d recommend it.

I felt very relaxed. The peacefulness, warmth and touch of it was enjoyable.

Departure audience reactions